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Other Fellowship Programs

NASA is an investment in America's future. Our activities contribute to the achievement of the Nation's science and technology goals and priorites, one of which is "Educational Excellence: We involve the education community in our endeavors to inspire America's students, create learning opportunities, and enlighten inquisitive minds." NASA uses its unique resources to support educational excellence for all. This vision guides all NASA activities and programs, and guides the unique contribution that our Education Program provides to America's education community.

Undergraduate Student Research Program (USRP)

The NASA Undergraduate Student Research Program (NASA-USRP) offers undergraduates across the United States research experiencees at NASA Centers during summer and fall sessions.

For more information or to apply, visitthe USRP Web site at

NASA Resident Research Associateship Program (RRAP)

Scientists and engineers of unusual promise and ability are afforded opportunities for research on problems, largely of their own choice, that are compatible with the research interests of NASA. The RRAP seeks to establish pathways whereby Fellows may contribute to NASA's overall research and development effords, and to the national scientific and technological welfare of the United States.

Program Information, application, and deadlines are located at

The National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program (Space Grant)

NASA initiated the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program (also known as Space Grant) in 1989. Space Grant contributes to the nationa's science and technology knowledge by funding research, education, and public service project in aeronautics, space , and other related fields. The national network of university-based Space Grant consortia administers programs in the 50 States, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rice

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For more information, consult the Space Grant Web site at

Harriet Jenkins Predoctoral Fellowship Program

The Harriett G. Jenkins Predoctoral Fellowship Program (JPFP) employs the best practices for advancing increased numbers of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities participating in the math, science, engineering, and technology (MSET) disciplines. Annually, up to 20 US citizens are selected to receive up to 3 years of fellowship support leading to doctoral degrees in NASA-related disciplines.

Complete program information is located at

Goddard Coastal Research Graduate Fellowship Program (GCR)

The Goddard Space Flight Center's Earth Sciences Directorate and Wallops Flight Facility, in collaboration with the Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology (GEST) Center, led by the University of Maryland Baltimore County, is offering a limited number of graduate student research opportunities for the summer of 2002. This new program is scheduled for June 17 to August 16, 2002. It is designed to stimulate interest in interdisciplinary Earth science studies by enabling selected students to pursue specially tailored research projects on coastal processes in conjunction with Goddard scientific mentors during the program period.

Complete program information is located at

NASA Earth System Science Fellowship Program

Formerly the Global Change Research Fellowship Program and the Earth Science Graduate Student Research Program. NASA announces graduate student training fellowships for persons pursuing Master of Science (M.Sc.) or Doctoral (Ph.D.) degree in Earth System Science.

Complete program information is located at

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